FON Mp3 Streaming Router

I was looking for streaming solutions the other day. Little did I know that [John] would be sending in a hack for adding an mp3 decoder board to the La Fonera. The final device has both a web and command line interface which let you connect to any shoutcast/icecast streaming server. John has even gone so far as to provide the Openwrt image for the router with all of the software components you need.

6 thoughts on “FON Mp3 Streaming Router

  1. can’t get to the site, but looks like a great idea!

    Missed out on all the fon fun, had one originally before people started doing really cool hardware hacks with them. Had mine running DD-WRT through a serial cable, but then it bricked randomly one day. I’m in Canada so I cant order them for free anymore :'( anyone want to send me one?

  2. how difficult would this be to add an mp3 encoder for the inverse effect; to build a portable wifi mp3 streamer. could that decoder board be used to generate the mp3 stream to send source audio to an icecast/shoutcast server?

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