Serial Output For Your Weather Station

I spent part of my weekend with some sort of stomach virus, so Eliot stepped in for me yesterday. I’m taking next week off, so we’ll have a special guest starting Friday – but I’m not revealing who just yet.

[Fickara] sent in his AVR interface(in Italian) for an Oregon Scientific remote weather station. Thanks to the AVR, data is output via RS232. There are quite a few less expensive weather stations – usually PC output models are over $100, so this could be pretty handy. His page has several other projects including an oscope clock, POV on a stick, etc.

8 thoughts on “Serial Output For Your Weather Station

  1. Does anyone have the serial data format used by these wireless weather sensors? I’d like to write a hack using a PIC micro and a low cost 433 MHz receiver to decode and display their output.

  2. Cool! Does anyone have any plans for a low price water temp sensor/recording unit that can be used for aquariums? Ideally it would have software written in C so that I could use one of my pda’s to collect data.

  3. Hi All

    I wish to put a Weather Station at a Solar Panel’ed site and I need to convert USB to Serial, does anyone have any suggestions for a convertor, I have a SERIAL TO USB, BUT I have not seen anything for the reverse.


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