USB Gameboy Cartridge Project

[Jose] thinks that the Little Sound DJ is too expensive and hard to find. Now he’s trying to build an inexpensive USB programmable GameBoy cartridge. Currently he’s working with a LPC2148 development board. It’s not quite clear where he’s going with this. He certainly wants to add USB programming, but it seems that he’s trying to hack a mp3 decoder in there as well. [update: yes, I know how to spell cartridge!]

12 thoughts on “USB Gameboy Cartridge Project

  1. I’ve built a couple of GB carts for development, but they were all EPROM based (not EEPROM, EPROM). Combined with a little logic, I could make the thing scroll down whatever image I wanted, then flip to the official Nintendo logo for checksumming. :-) Not my idea, but I improved upon it a little. There are some other dev kits around too that will let you take a GBA and do robotics projects with it.

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