Great Intro To Surface Mount Soldering

[Scott] sent in his video how-to on surface mount soldering. The macro video quality is excellent, and the demo is great even if you’re already into SMD work. Everything can be done with fine solder, a decent soldering station, tweezers, a 10x loupe and a good selection of flux. I’ve managed quite a bit of SMD work without external flux, but this sort of demo shows just how effective it is.

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  1. That’s great. It’s nice to see how it’s done with a soldering iron now and then. Honestly, ever since I discovered solder paste in a syringe, I have never gone back to anything else for surface mount. Gloop the stuff on, plop the part onto the gloop and after about 8 minutes in the toaster oven … DING … all done.

    – Jm ( )

  2. Attention Americans: The L in solder is NOT, I repeat, NOT silent. This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Society For The Prevention of Butchery of the English Language

  3. Geez it really pisses some people off when others pronounce a word differently from themselves. They probably should avoid talking to anyone who didn’t grow up in their hometown. For their sake, and ours.

  4. @2,6,10:
    As an American, I kindly invite you all to “sod off”. Both languages may be referred to as English, but anybody who’s ever taken a single Anthropology class could tell you that two languages separated by 500+ years of geographical separation will be different. In American English, the proper pronunciation is “sɔdɝ”. It may be different for European English, but an Englishman has about as much right criticizing the way Americans pronounce words as we have to criticize the way you call cookies “biscuits”.

    In other news, great intro!

  5. Just like many “inventions,” language takes on different forms and evolves with the different societies which make use of it.

    Please don’t confuse the origin as being the correct version. It’s just one version of many.

    Consider the Spanish speaking countries of the world and their different uses of the language.

    If his pronunciation of a word in the video is the only thing you can find wrong with it, I would say give it the exellent rating it deserves.

    Very good work.

  6. Wow — I guess I never really heard a Brit say solder before — still don’t really care. The video is awesome and I can’t wait until I have to SAWDER on a SMC (I’m from new york, that’s how we say it… ).

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna run and get some cawfee. . .

  7. who cares how it’s pronounced? try enjoying diversity for once, it’s what’s made america great. one speaks poorly of his people when all he has to offer a world-wide community is merely an argument about another’s pronunciation. language issues aside, i quite enjoyed the video. it has compelled me to finally try surface mounting.

    and yes, “me is an amerikin”.

  8. from australia, to be honest i had no idea it was pronounced ‘soddering’ over there so there you go, guess i’m the douchebag.

    it is an excellent video, the guy must have some good fine motor skils.

  9. Drag soldering is by far the best technique. I use it about every other day to solder very fine pitched smt chips. The syringe of paste flux works the best for most things. You can pick one up from digikey.

  10. Wow, as a Canadian, I never knew that different parts of the world pronounced solder differently. I pronounce it “sodder”, because that is how I was taught to say it… And everyone who knows the word (that I’ve ever met) has pronounced it the same. I am, however pretty surprised at how much that bothers people :P

    By the way, ” It may be different for European English, but an Englishman has about as much right criticizing the way Americans pronounce words as we have to criticize the way you call cookies “biscuits”.”
    Mythgarr, that was about the greatest thing I have read all day. :)

  11. Here’s an idea, how about you stop posting flash-only content.

    Hardware hackers using Unix-like operating systems are common..

    Get the idea? if it’s not in an open video format, don’t post it you idiots!

  12. @will o’brien: Flash is only available on Windows, OSX and Linux.. It’s proprietary, closed source.. and not an open web standard.

    Stop posting it here!

    I want to for once visit the site without firefox asking me to install a non-existent plugin.

    Damn tards..

  13. Unixgeek if you have such a problem with it, Don’t come here and find somewhere else to whinge if you don’t like that learn to be considerate of the other 99% of the world who uses Linux, Windows or Macintosh and not just the 0.0001% who uses Unix as they’re home Operating System. Moron.

    This is a really good demo, I’ve known most of this for awhile but never thought of dragging straight across the pins I always thought you would get bridges but obviously not.

    Good video, Kudo’s to the sodderer :P (I’m Australian and I honestly don’t see such a problem with it, it’s called ACCENT!)

  14. I never said that he was wrong in the way he said. I simply said that I didn’t like the way that he says it and that it is irratating. At least he doesn’t have an AQI, but I find thats mostly in californians.
    I’m used to the european english (which came first, which if there was a right or a wrong, would make it more right imho). All the people criticising (thats right I used a an ‘s’, not a ‘z’ (pronounced ‘zed’ in the UK)), me and others for saying we prefer it one way are no better.

    I’m probs gonna get a backlash from people defending their language, but fuck it, so what. I like european english. I grew up with it and it sounds better to my ears.

  15. to all americans: please stop incorrectly pronouncing the word “solder” – look up the etymology and you will discover that the first american brand of solder was “sawter.” it’s the same thing as calling all soda “coke.” how the hell can you look at the way it’s spelled and still say “sawter” with a straight face??

    -an american who values the integrity of the english language.

  16. You guys realy need to stop trolling, It realy doesnt matter how well some one pronounces Solder, or if UNIX has Flash, Quite frankly unix is not Free, and I doubt U are Using Real unix, you are using a free/Opensource unix. And just Because you refuse to install plugins into Firfox doesnt mean we cant Post it to Hackaday, there is nothing stating that HackADay is a FREE only Site. Hackaday exists to Share methods of modifying stuff. Mainly hardware.
    Just so you know, all those mispellings and gramtical mistakes are intentional, just to make you waste time spell checking it. Stop Trolling and start Modding. Thanks.

  17. Good intro to soldering down leaded packages. Of course, the real tough ones are the leadless — reason to get proficient with hot air/toaster (I still need to do that).

    And here, in Rhode Island, USA, we say “sodder” or “soddah” (just completely lose that “r” sometimes).

  18. I’m not even sure where American’s get the word from as The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines it as follows.

    1. Any of various fusible alloys, usually tin and lead, used to join metallic parts.
    2. Something that joins or cements.
    v. sol·dered, sol·der·ing, sol·ders
    To serve as a bond between; join.
    1. To unite or repair things with solder.
    2. To be joined by or as if by solder.


    [Middle English soudur, from Old French soudure, soldure, from souder, soulder, to solder, from Latin solidre, to make solid, from solidus, solid; see solid.]


    solder·a·ble adj.
    solder·er n.

    However when you use the talk it to me link it says soder? what’s goin on there? There pronunciation guid even says SOL-DER so I don’t get it….. But hey

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