Binary POV Watch

I probably won’t be replacing my giant G-shock watch just yet, but this binary POV watch is pretty sweet. Sure, the POV clock is old hat by now, but it’s also a nice example of adding a Li-ionbattery to an embedded project. It uses a MAX1555 li-ion charger and throws caution to the wind and doesn’t bother with any external capacitors. Battery life is several days or several hours if the watch is put into flashlight mode.

10 thoughts on “Binary POV Watch

  1. a couple of friends own self-made binary watches, resulting in near-unbearable geekiness and always the same question, probably they already mutter the explanation in their sleep if you hit em and say “huh?”…
    anyway, their models are way smaller (down to 1cm²) thanks to SMD and custom PCBs. Also the lights are not always active, which the batteries love… And special coolness is added by acceleration sensors, no more buttons, “violent handshake = display the date”

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