D200 Hotshoe GPS Redux (el Cheapo Version)

It’s been a while since we talked about putting a GPS on top of a D200. [Rick] sent in his latest version. He used a nice 20 channel sirf III gps from spark-fun, a cheap D200 remote cable and a few parts to send the NMEA sentences down the wire. The biggest improvements include taking the $100 Nikon cable out of the mix and swiping power from the camera for the GPS board. All the info is there, but I had to seriously stare at his wiring instructions for a while despite the low parts count. I like to see actual circuit diagrams!

5 thoughts on “D200 Hotshoe GPS Redux (el Cheapo Version)

  1. that’s a pretty nifty little hack.
    As a sort of addendum, I recently bought a BU-353 (http://www.semsons.com/glbuusbgpsre.html), which is cheaper than the sparkfun GPS receiver. I haven’t had much time to play with it, but it appears to be an identical board inside for a cheaper price (comes with a USB cable too, and it’s in a housing with a gasket).
    I was impressed with how small the integrated sirf III + antenna unit is, so it’s perfect for hacks like this.

  2. Sweet, the only thing I would assume could be a problem is if you wanted to use the flash too, I guess you could take it off the flash shoe for those shots. Or maybe some kind of pass through, I’m not super familiar with camera’s though so I’m not sure that’d work or not.

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