CNC Mini-lathe

Given my obsession of CNC projects, I’m surprised that we haven’t mentioned this project before. [Dave] put together an excellent site about his CNC converted mini-lathe. (The same on that I’ve got) He built a pretty simple stepper controller to drive it. Since the lathe only needed two axis motors, he drove the steppers with some mosfets that he triggered from a parallel port. The site has been around for a while, but I thought you guys would enjoy a classic hack like this one.

7 thoughts on “CNC Mini-lathe

  1. I’ve got the same machines as Will and I’m in the beginning stages. Designing the stepper driver right now.

    Who has ideas for cheap lead drives? I wanted to couple directly but my stepper ain’t powerful enough.

  2. had made a s/w to control a cnc lathe wihtout using G&M codes … provided a natural language interface for the CNC lathe (used VB AutoCAD and C++Open GL forthe interface and simulation)… if u need any info on this let me know

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