9 thoughts on “H2O Spectrum Analyser

  1. yeah delay idea would definitely help but it doesn’t change the fact that water falls at a fixed rate (too slow) that you can never change.

    i was thinking about this thing today and i think that you could tinker with nozzles and pressure ranges to achieve something less sloppy tho.

    if anything, i think that this rig could be reincarnated as something other than a spectrum analyzer to great effect.

    alas, ’tis true that the flame scope is not a spectrum analyzer at all. i love how simple it is tho. plus, FIRE. =D

  2. Originally we wanted to use solenoids but the ones we wanted were $40-50 each and that added up quickly. We were also concerned that they may be very loud.

    Some of the delay is due to the capture time within Matlab. It had to sample for a brief window, process the FFT, and then send the data to the FPGA to generate the PWM signals. If we could’ve sent an audio signal straight into the FPGA through an A/D and processed an FFT there it would have been much quicker.

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