Maker Faire 2008: Stribe Music Controller

We saw a lot of interesting gear at Maker Faire last weekend and thought we’d highlight some of those projects this week. [Josh Boughey]’s Stribe was originally inspired by the monome 40h. It features of 16 columns of 64 LEDs for a total of 1024 individually addressable lights. Even with all those LEDs, PWM control means it can run off of USB power. 8 spectrasymbol softpots are used between the columns for user input. It’s really quite an amazing feat for being [josh]’s first board design. All of the circuit designs and firmware are available. Check out Flickr for more photos from this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Maker Faire 2008: Stribe Music Controller

  1. Makerfaire was borked too. Way too much to see. Way to many people to see any of it. But what I did see was entirely too cool. Adam Savage did a great presentation. The Crucible exhibit with the forge built into the back of a fire truck was awesome. The art and sculpture, traveling working pinball museum in an old airstream trailer, eepybirds, Rock the Bike, robot wars, and geeks geeks geeks everywhere. I spent entirely too much in the Make store. I also found some very cool halloween automation goodies. But overall I would have to say the venues for the main scheduled events were way to small for the number of people attending the faire. If you were not in the first 100-200 people to get to an event published in the main schedule, you were not going to see much. And with it being published as a family friendly event, the viewing for kids sucked.

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