Cornell ECE Final Projects: Spring 08

I was starting to wonder when [Bruce] would send in this years final projects from the Electrical and Computer Engineering students at Cornell University. The first project looks like a great one for the green geek – a controllable power usage monitoring power outlet. The music geeks should dig midi trumpet interface, but the car geeks might have problems keeping away from the soldering iron after they see the CAN bus SD card data acquisition system. There are plenty more, so go check em out.

4 thoughts on “Cornell ECE Final Projects: Spring 08

  1. nice project, but why complicate things so much? why not just use an arm running on higher frequency? 500hz it’s not too difficult to achieve with uC running at 70mhz + it’s probably cheaper… interesting implementation of can though…

  2. Most of the projects used the m32, so I’m sure they just worked with what was available and they were familiar with. Even if it wasn’t ideal.

    Although CAN AVRs also exist (at90can, atmega32C1, etc.), which would be an easy transition.

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