The Chief Cook Robot

We feel the need to apologize immediately for the use of Yakkity Sax in the preceding video and recommend you watch the longer, yak free, video below. It shows researchers at the Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory teaching a robot how to make a ham and cheese omelet. Each working area and food item is labeled with a machine recognizable tag. The researcher demonstrates the task by guiding the robot’s hand. The robot combines multiple demonstrations to generalize the skill. It can then adapt the learned skill to the specific task. You can see this in the video when the robot adjusts to the location of the bowl and cutting board when they’re moved around. Teaching through demonstration would make the use of robotics much easier for the general population.

[via Presurfer]

8 thoughts on “The Chief Cook Robot

  1. well on the subject of robots(or iron men) i want to know how to design a moveing join for a robot arm. how much will it wear? what will the friction be? what will the max load be? that kind of thing… or anything in that direction. i havent even found a consise list of joint types with diagrams yet :s anyone have any links?

  2. can someone plz send me teh codez? i am against regestering for access to ‘free’ stuff. epecialy when there is no privacy statment. some researchers do anything for funds (i cant comment about this guy in particulat but better safe than sorry)
    ‘HeBDis’ [at] gmail com is my email address thanks

  3. Hey now. the problem is not yakety sax, the problem is not enough yakety sax. he could have done a freeze on the credits and looped the music a few more times.

    that dhl commercial probably deserves more of an apology.

    This robot is designed to acquire and track a meat target, slashing it with a knife until it can be put into a bowl. And he’s got legs in case the ham tries to flee. can it be reasoned with?

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