LCD Projector Repair

[Kieth] picked up an Infocus projector only to find that it needed some repair. The polarizer on the blue light path was toast. When he parted out an Optoma projector he scored a polarizer that was just about right for the repair. It’s a good read even if you don’t have a projector in pieces at the moment. He ended up bending the mounting bracket a bit to hold the filter and got his projector fully up and running again.

4 thoughts on “LCD Projector Repair

  1. I have a projector (vpl-hs3)that has random blue pixels scattered throughout the image (any input/even over the osd), focused primarily on the bottom half and middle of the screen. Does anyone know what would cause this to happen?

  2. I have a Sharp Notevision XR-1X that I have been keeping in reserve as a backup projector for about a year. I took it out last weekend to verify all was working properly, and it displayed a thin vertical line about a third of the way from the left side.

    (This occurs just a few minutes after powering up, and projecting a perfect image.)

    As I was an electronic tech for many years, I was wondering if I might get some advice from you as to proceedures and/or parts to repair it.

    I contacted Sharp, and even though it is virtually unused, they consider it out of warranty and want to charge me a considerable amount to look at, and repair whatever’s wrong.

    Any suggestions?


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