Hubless Inline Skateboard

We’ve been talking a lot about alternate modes of transportation lately. The 360 inline skateboard immediately caught our eye for its simplicity and hubless wheel design. The usage seems fairly straightforward, but the videos posted by designer [Francesco Sommacal] don’t make it look exceptionally fun; more like they’re daring you to use the thing. What we find most jarring about this is how similar it is to the Bushpig. Did the commercial gas powered version really predate this unpowered device?

The design is simple enough to understand, but we’re not really sure where you can easily source hubless wheels like this. Any ideas?

[via Gizmodo]

16 thoughts on “Hubless Inline Skateboard

  1. Juan Aguilar, i think we have made it clear in responses to previous posts that we don’t want HaD to become another engadger/gizmodo/news portal please stop it.

  2. not front page material, but we need a powered version hacked up, internal wheel 2 cycle! there is a engine made for bikes that says:

    dont ask, entered wrong box, on a phone ~Frogz

  3. this is not a hack and it is not hubless. the hubs are just larger than normal with a visible hole in the middle. so why is this and a lot of other BS garbage non hack stuff being posted here lately?

  4. Just the kind of thing I look to be covered by Hackaday. Just because it’s offered as a product doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic hack of current skateboard technology. The Bushpig video is awesome, too.

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