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We recently came across a new bittorrent service called Torrent Relay that features an innovative yet simple function: it allows you to download torrents to web-enabled devices like the PlayStation 3 and iPhone. Torrent Relay works by having the user surf to their site using the web-enabled device and upload a local copy or enter the url of a torrent file. The file is downloaded as normal, only all the work happens on Torrent Relay servers. It works especially well with Mininova, using torrent IDs from the site instead of the torrent’s URL. Once Torrent Relay has the completed file it sends it to the web-enabled device. It is not without a few kinks, however, as it only seems to be able to download a single file from a torrent whether or not it contains more than one, and it has a size cap of 400MB for that file. That limit means you’re probably just going to be watching television and not grabbing ISOs, albums, or movies. Far from perfect, but how else are you supposed to watch Battlestar Gallactica on your iPhone?

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  1. it seems that juan does not want to listen to our pleas. He appears to be the major perpetrator of this crap. He has made good posts in the past, and the molten slag hdd destruction one seemed like a step in the right direction, but hes gone back the other way.

  2. Absolutely fantastic, hardware platforms that don’t officially support torrents can benefit immensely!

    I was trying to use this for Archos, but the site seems to be having issues. I’ve emailed the site’s creator Kevin Kowalewski as mentioned on a another site and he said hes looking for a fix within the next two days.

  3. @carlsonmark:

    You got it in one, Hack a Day is changing! how do you expect a site to survive if it doesn’t grow? I remember when Mr. O’brien was barely posting every day, now we’re getting at least 5 or more! Please stop trolling!

  4. @vsnine: Personally, I enjoy the new content. It appears that some people do not and have not figured out the ‘daily’ tag yet, so I figured spamming the ‘daily’ tag URL for a day or two may benefit those who didn’t even know they were looking for it!

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