Covert IPhone Moleskine Case

Crafting isn’t really our thing, but just last week we were planning on doing this project. Thanks to the how-to singularity: the longer we wait, the more likely someone else will do our dirty work. The instructions are this:

  1. Cut a hole in a book.
  2. Stick your phone in that book.
  3. Let her open the book.

Wired’s write up has about 600 more words if you need clarification. The ebook on the screen is Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, so expect to see this on BoingBoing… and again when it’s fan translated into Polish. [bre] made a similar hidden compartment book last Fall for Make’s PDFcast.

In all seriousness, we do enjoy the idea of carrying an innocuous little book around that could be doing some covert WiFi scanning, acting as a mobile accesspoint, or live streaming our location to friends. Unfortunately, since it’s an iPhone, most of this isn’t possible yet; you can’t even voice dial from your headset, while leaving the notebook in your pocket. This case also blurs what is considered rude. Most people would be annoyed if you started txting mid conversation, but people taking notes in Moleskines don’t get the same treatment.

7 thoughts on “Covert IPhone Moleskine Case

  1. The newly arriving 3g iPhone will probably produce a wake of cast off ‘old’ iphones, many without the 2.0 firmware upgrade (the REAL reason there’s an upgrade prior to the new phone’s launch) and ready for jailbreaking/unlocking/whatever. Might a hackaday guide be in order for the swathes of new users looking to hack they not-quite-brand-new device?

  2. You can probably do most of that stuff on an iPhone if you jailbreak it. I’ve got an apache server running on my touch. Oh, and a Java interpreter, gcc, Python, Perl, and a _lot_ of other stuff. You can pretty much do anything on it. Well, anything that you can do on a 400Mhz CPU.

  3. This is awesome, too bad I don’t have an iPhone. Has anyone done this to a Blackberry, a Pearl to be more specific? I’d like to see it so that I can get an idea what it would look like.

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