The Best Of 2600

2600 editor [Emmanuel Goldstein], has decided to publish The Best of 2600. It features some of the best essays on lockpicking, phone phreaking, social engineering, and other topics that the hacker quarterly had to offer.

Founded in 1984, 2600 was one of the major catalysts that got the modern hacker scene going. They published controversial articles on topics like red boxing and spawned monthly meetings. This firsthand account of the development of hacker culture will be released in July at The Last HOPE in New York.

7 thoughts on “The Best Of 2600

  1. Juan Aguilar, you have done it for me, even after dozens of complaints, you continue to post bull to the site, which has prompted me to edit my igoogle page, and henceforth removing hack-a-day from it, I may ,,,,may,,,, check back after a few months and see how things are going, but to be honest, I’m not to sure i’m going to miss much

  2. Well, with someone named after a narcotic, I can’t really expect to much. I’m truly happy, about seeing more content on hack-a-day, and am saddened that my fellow viewers don’t share the same enthusiasm. I’m however, saddened more so, by the lack of respect for 2600. Cause cap’n crunch is still one of my favorite cereals.

  3. I’ve only read a few volumes of 2600, but it certainly influenced my love of hacking in general. Whenever I open up a copy and read an article, I feel like “You can do that?!? Whoa!”

    Great mag, and I hope to grab a copy of this latest title when released.

    And thanks, hackaday, for including awesome, relevant posts, contrary to what the trolls may whine about.

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