EFiX Boots Leopard Retail DVDs On Generic Hardware

On June 23rd, EFiX is planning on releasing a USB dongle that will let any PC boot and install OSX from a retail DVD. The commercial device is supposed to take care of all patching and other woes OSX86 enthusiasts have had to deal with. Very little information is provided other than a statement that the development process took a lot of time and that they overcame “sabotage”… so, it’s got that going for it. Major OSX86 contributor (and Psystar hater) [Netkas] received a device to test and was pleased with the results. We’re just going to wait and see what happens. Not that it matters; they have no plans of releasing it in the US.

[via InsanelyMac]
[photo: Mario Seekr]

8 thoughts on “EFiX Boots Leopard Retail DVDs On Generic Hardware

  1. “Not that it matters; they have no plans of releasing it in the US.” …. if it doesn’t matter why bother to put it up here. I understand folks from other countries read this. I just don’t understand why someone who thought the story didn’t matter would bother to post it? Good night fellas read the lengthy comments about the site and try to learn. Your goal as an editor is simple 1 (that is a single) good, as original as it can be, hack a day. Not bucket loads of bilge gathered from the same news sites we visit.

  2. To everyone that bitches about “one hack per day”

    seriously, wtf? how fucking hard is it to click the daily link on the right “hacks” column? change your bookmark to this link and you will have your precious one hack per day format resurrected from the abyss. stop bitching about the main site having hacks that are not hacks.

    on a related note i am glad to see more daily information added to the site. it makes it hard for the daily hack to suck or not actually be a hack if there are numerous potential hacks each day to choose from.

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