MSI Wind Under FCC Review

Those of us who have been eagerly waiting to get their mitts on an MSI Wind can see some light at the end of the tunnel, as it is currently under review for domestic sale by the FCC. The Wind is MSI’s answer to Asus’s game-changing ultraportable, the Eee PC, and has slightly better specs. It features an Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM. It also has built in bluetooth and webcam. Check out a few shots of the Wind’s internal parts at jkkmobile or grab them all from the FCC’s site.

12 thoughts on “MSI Wind Under FCC Review

  1. I know Hackaday is trying some new things recently, and I feel that the site is just going downhill. I’ve been coming here for a long time because I’m interested in the full write ups for the hacks featured here on the site. These posts about “Mr. Modchip”, the Ironkey (it isn’t home brew and the post isn’t even about hacking it), and the MSI Wind hitting the FCC aren’t hacks. If I want to see news like that I’ll go over to Engadget.

  2. I’ve been coming here for a long time, and I think it’s almost time to leave. Sure, there’s still “daily” hacks, but the extra crap is just that, crap. It makes the site fluffed up and extraneous.

  3. @#8: Guh? I somehow doubt MSI owns Asus, not only based on the fact that I have never even heard it suggested (nor could I even find a wisp of a rumor of such), but also (from WP):

    MSI Revenue: NT$74.24 billion (2005)
    Asus Revenue: NT$541.8 Billion (2006)

    I always thought MSI was small-time compared to Asus, and now I can see that I was right.

    @7: That’s great and all, but USD 400-500 (Wind, EEE PC) != USD 900+ (that Japanese thing I never heard of). If I’m willing to spend that kind of scratch, my market choices open up substantially.

  4. eee, why did you blow the wind up my drawers? now wii is cold.

    “msi breaks wind” read all about it. So as soon as it is released we can look forward to all of the toilet humor.

    C’mon guys, l would almost rather have an epod or an ipod or an X in the name than all these wheezy, grunty, squealing, genital/fart joke based names.

    @ offtopic. l think the “non-hacks” deserve a separate column or a different color. l don’t mind non-hacks as this is pretty much the only site l visit for this kinda stuff, but it is interfering with my head-based filter when l miss a day or 2 l am going back several pages to see the real hacks, it isn’t exactly fun.

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