OiNK Uploaders’ Bail Extended

The six people arrested by British authorities for uploading files to the OiNK torrent network, all out on bail, have had the period of their bail extended. Charged with conspiracy to defraud the music industry, the woman and five men as well as OiNK operator [Alan Ellis] have been ordered to report to the police on July 1st, where their bail will be formally extended for another 27 days. According to TorrentFreak, sources close to the case believe that the police are still building their criminal case, which accounts for the bail extensions. They could have civil charges levied against them, but current British Law cannot prosecute individuals for illegal filesharing unless it is done for profit.

20 thoughts on “OiNK Uploaders’ Bail Extended

  1. dear hackaday.
    you have made it clear that you will not Liston to us readers any
    you are posting utter garbage!
    Juan Aguilar you have solely destroyed this site.
    i think i speak for the majority when i ask you kindly to Liston to
    comments or leave.

    you have lost yet another reader


  2. Dear fellow readers: kindly feck off, and/or ignore articles you’re not interested in. There’s an RSS feed, with tags. Surely you hack-inclined people should be able to use the effort wasted to comment on these articles to simply filter them out instead?

  3. I miss the old hackaday where there was at-most three posts a day.

    If it isn’t about getting something to do what it isn’t intended to do, then I don’t want to read it on here. There’s plenty of other places that will post it, such as Gizmodo (and then later submitted to Digg).

  4. oh for fuck sake, how difficult it is to ignore the post you don’t wont to read??? And believe me, it takes way less time to just ignore them, than to post a whining comment like: “i don’t approve of this post”… grrr, makes me sooo bloody angry. + you also have a daily tag, which will provide with “old” hackaday.

    so, to all the whiniers: fuck off, get a life, and start makeing cool hacks…

    ps: it’s notihng personal…

  5. Hey jelengar, try and see this point with out areguing. We come to this site to see hardware hacks. Is the site trying to change formats? If so that is fine, but they must realize the people looking for the hacks will not be inclined to just skip over the new stories, but instead find a new site without them.

  6. I have submitted many hacks to this site and patiently waited in hopes that it might post one day. We have done all the research experimenting countless hours testing our ideas against others ideas. taking something and changing it to function out side of its intended use. One day comes when you embark on something new and run with it, its call an idea and they are far and few between. We do all the hard work of making an idea public we type it up and submit it to your site, yet to justify an honest days work you surf the internet find some garbage and post it researching every angle of said garbage.
    “I guess when it comes down to it it’s all about the Lincolns” ya know the ones you can use when you don’t have exact change…. Share a penny.

    I’m just saying having your hack show up on Hack A Day is an honor! and at the rate things have been going.. I just don’t know any more.

    My RSS are full of water cooler banter now.

    Maybe Hack A Day should have a separate section that would include “featured gadgets”
    You can buy at Wal-Mart or something.

  7. >oh for fuck sake, how difficult it is to ignore the post you don’t wont to read???

    how hard is it for you to ignore the comments you don’t like? i started complaining in the comments because something i liked changed for the worse. there is no other hack a day forum to communicate with the site operators. i have sent in comments and hacks via the comment line with no response.

  8. I’m putting my full name on this post as I want it to count.

    I too am saddened by the recent change in the format here at HAD. I do not know where from or who promoted “Juan Aguilar” as a blog poster but he has flooded the rss feeds with ‘news’. *NEWS* used to be for when elliot was apologizing for the comments being down or telling us where to meet you score some swag. Or alerting us that HAD was going down for a few hours. Shoot. We didnt even mind when they posted up some news about TeamHackADay’s progress in the folding at home project. But now look at it 74 posts. Most (60+) in the last two months.

    “FILTER!” you say, “Subscribe to the _DAILY_ feed”. Sure that is for the single things that are the bigones but there are some really cool side hacks that I thought would be up for daily. Back in the old days the RSS changed Once. A. Day. (Mabye twice for the Afternoon blasts, and 3 times if the posters were feeling generous, those were like a mini christmas at work)

    But alas. I was not to be. Now there is a constant flow. Many many updates (somedays nearly 10) And it is drowning out those that deserve recognition. I subscribe to the main RSS so that I can get them all
    (mac, xbox, home entertainment). But sometimes now it is hard to decypher what is hack and simple news. Therefore I have a proposal:

    Lets change the Main RSS feed to do the following. For news it will say “news: oink uploaders bail extended” and for hacks it would say “hack: Xbox 360 internal HD-DVD drive”. Then for that golden daily tag it would say “daily: PIC emulation on a Basic Stamp controller”.

    Is this to much to ask? Please I begging you. We hackers are a proud bunch. We make hardware do things it was not supposed to do. I currently am working on a guitar hero controller mod that I have not seen anywhere. I dont know when it will get done but when it is I would like to show it off here. But when that time comes I worry that the news will cloud over my quest for glory.

    Hack A Day (Beta) I give you this ultimatum: Fire Juan or change the rss feed to filter out (or tag) the news. If it is on the main page, fine. In the RSS feed clogging up the hacks, that is a slap in the face to all of us who have been here a long time and are looking for ideas for our next personal project.

  9. I agree with the other posters who say news type stuff doesn’t belong here. If I want news I’ll go to digg, if I want cool stuff to do off-label with hardware/software, I’d like to come here. But hunting through useless news posts to find it is rather annoying.

  10. @miked (again): It’s easy to skim when you’re provided with big-font, handy-dandy headlines summarizing what the item is going to say. Posts have them, comments do not. Thus, posts are easy to scan (ignoring those that are not interesting), while comments are hard to scan.

    This is not rocket science.

  11. I for one, am for this article. OiNK was and always will be special. The rest of you probably didn’t enjoy it but you felt it’s impact and god damn it thank you hackaday for reporting this.

  12. and… i think the yellow bubble that tells you your comment’s been confirmed doesn’t render properly in firefox. it shows up as white text on yellow in my browser.

  13. o.o
    looks like my first comment didn’t go through.

    well…..this stuff is annoying….if i wanted to filter my own hacks i would write a script to do it. there’s a reason i don’t read engadget or makezine anymore.

  14. im having the same problem in firefox and hal hockersmith i agree with you
    what was one a gleaming spot on the internet has now become a pale gray like the rest of the web

    hackaday we are begging you please fix this problem hal hockersmith requested many great ideas.
    HAD staff you have my email address if you would like to contact me.
    for the rest of you if you dont like my comment, dont read it.

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