Mega Underwater DIY Video Housing

This fantastically huge housing was put together by [Ed Sauer]. He put it together using TIG welded 6061 aluminum for the body and machined the port mount out of 7075 aluminum. The lens port is a commercial unit from a housing manufacturer along with a few manual controls. He wrote up the build in this pdf.

4 thoughts on “Mega Underwater DIY Video Housing

  1. i approve of this post.

    how the hell does he get this thing on a plane to his nearest dive site? just can’t seem to picture the live-aboard staff handing *this* camera down to him after he’s jumped in…

  2. There is a secret way of getting that stuff to your destination.

    It’s called U.P.S. or FedEX.

    Hell I ship my luggage, laptop and everything else when I fly. I dont lose my stuff and no hassles at the gate.

  3. “I personally like Sony products and purchased it from the wonderful people at Film/Video Equipment Service Co. Inc. The commercially available housings are too expensive and too heavy – about 80 lb. loaded. I need to be able to carry it without breaking my back and if the housing costs an arm and a leg, it will be hard to lift.”


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