Hack Cameras With The Image Fulgurator

[Wallace] sent in this awesome project built by [Julius Von Bismarck]. The “Image Fulgurator” is the result of mating an optical slave flash with a camera body turned projector. The result is the ability to project ghost images onto a picture being taken by anyone using a camera with their flash. Check out the demo video after the break or hit the project site for more.

26 thoughts on “Hack Cameras With The Image Fulgurator

  1. Too bad they didn’t use one of these in Shutter, the movie would’ve ended in 5 minutes and I wouldn’t have wasted my money.

    Also, very nice set up. A lot of potential fun with something like that, especially in a city.

  2. this is an amazing idea… set it up outside some landmark or something lots of people take pictures and just let it run…
    Wonder if theres a way that each time it fired you could progress the film and project a different image

  3. There’s probably some commercial applications for this cool invention, like having a permanent one installed in an art gallery so if you take flash photography of a statue you get an ’embedded’ message saying ‘no flash photography’, or worse; advertisers utilising this technology at tourist traps…

    but on the fun side of things, imagine going round a supposed haunted house with a camera and taking a few snaps, seeing the top-half of a ghostly person or a face in the corner of the room in your photos would be quite something

  4. This made me think of William Gibson’s book pattern recognition. The stuff about the gps living memorials thing. Be a cool thing for geocaching. find the spot. take a picture and one of these goes off in a waterproff box, giving you your own personalized token.

    Pretty friggin cool.

  5. Great, he’s ruined people’s holiday photos. That’s something that’s useful and productive towards society.

    Does it make him feel big and clever to ruin people’s holiday photos? That’s so rude. It’s not even artistic, as the inventor claims it is. I’m saddened to see so many people thinking this is a good thing. You would not say that if he’d just ruined one of your photos.

  6. The admins removed my last post in which I described, quite reasonably and without being abusive, why I do not believe this to be a good thing.

    Please, just spare a thought for the people with ruined holiday photos.

  7. neat. it’d be really good for making a statement. i like the references to history he used, especially the reichstag burning. i want one. he has all the parts listed and a diagram so i don’t get why he patented it but whatever. i still want one.

  8. I was thinking of using something similar to this to evade traffic cameras. Use a high speed flash sensor to trigger an array of infrared LEDs mounted just above your license plate. When the speed or redlight camera triggers the infrared would wash out the license plate but the infrared would make it invisible to anything other than the camera assuming it doesn’t have a very good IR filter. There is probably some way to do this with a polarized film license plate cover and polarized light that would get around that.

  9. This technology has a very serious application- something I like to call “photographic denial”. A flash synchronized projector like this could be set up in front of an object and be used to purposefully hide a specific detail of an object as well as imprint an identifier which could be used in a future investigation.

  10. Funny and simple idea, really like it.

    The fulgurator only works if you take a picture with the camera flash on, if dont use flash, this wont activate.

    I personally avoid using the camera flash and discretely stabilize the camera most of the time, dont like the hard light of a flash, and if your trying to be discrete photo flash isnt.

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