Portable NES In An NES Cartridge

Fresh off the tips line, [Jake] sent in his portable NES project. We’ve seen quite a few portables, but we love that the entire thing is built into an old NES cartridge. It’s got 99 games and some clever control placement. Three N cells nestled in the former connector slot power the system. You can see more pic over at [Ben Heck]’s forum.

9 thoughts on “Portable NES In An NES Cartridge

  1. He always comes out with the best, but what about a Removable panel for batteries he says he used “N” cell Batteries. and what about moding the slot where the games come in to another panel. if you check out the pics the buttons are fashioned rather well and sloted seemless, I have been checking yard sales for parts. look out..

  2. lol good thing he named it the NESp (NES Portable) instead of the pNES (Portable NES) :chuckle:

    toilet humor aside this is one REALLY sweet hack! this is the type of stuff I expect to see on hack-a-day. not commercial products or “news” headlines. Thanks Will!

  3. it’s not ben heck’s device, its one of his forum members(just for clarification) and it says later on down the line that he basically cannibalized a OneStation.

  4. What’s the point in posting a hack with absolutely zero instructions associated with it? There’s like 5 pictures of it and that’s it. The only other hint to its innards is that it uses n batteries. Utterly useless.

  5. Thats a corker. Nice to see someone other than ben doing cool portables.

    @scott as alex quite rightly pointed this is a repackaged onestation, it dosent really need instructions. The one station is easily small enough to fit in a nes cartridge. Its just a case of adding the buttons.

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