Xbox 360 And LCD HDTV Rolled Into One

What happens when you take a little [Ben Heck] ingenuity, a little Lian Li utility, an Xbox 360 and an LCD HDTV and mix it all together? You get the Microvision 360, a combination LCD HDTV and Xbox 360.

The mod is not particularly complex. The Microvision 360’s creator [PvP_LostKnight] only removed the working parts from the Xbox 360’s case and mounted them to the back of the TV. A few of the inputs of the TV had to be moved and rewired, and a repurposed and painted tupperware container was added to cover the Xbox 360 parts. Unfortunately, [PvP_LostKnight] did not post a writeup, and even added “The wiring for this is horrible, I would not recommend anyone trying this.”

Setting aside his recommendation for a moment, a few of the advantages to his design are improved airflow to the Xbox 360 and better space usage. What we’d like to see added more than anything is power integration, with a single button to turn on both and a single power source powering the TV and the Xbox. See the proof of concept video after the break, or more photos and comments at the read link.

[via Engadget]

9 thoughts on “Xbox 360 And LCD HDTV Rolled Into One

  1. juan you are right all he did was strip a xbox 360 and mount it on the back of a lcd tv. and i agree with you that’s not a hack!!!
    you sir are my hero
    you bitch and belittle this hacker when you have trouble opening the cookie jar !!! my hero

  2. Oh for crying out…
    last time kiddies:
    Hack n.

    1. A clever or elegant technical accomplishment, especially one with a playful or prankish bent. A clever routine in a computer program, especially one which uses tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended, might be considered a hack. Students at technical universities, such as MIT, are famous for performing elaborate hacks, such as disassembling the dean’s car and then reassembling it inside his house, or turning a fourteen-story building into a giant Tetris game by placing computer-controlled lighting panels in its windows.

    2. A temporary, jury-rigged solution, especially in the fields of computer programming and engineering: the technical equivalent of chewing gum and duct tape. Compare to kludge.

    3. A cheap, mediocre, or second-rate practitioner, especially in the fields of journalism and literature: a charlatan or incompetent.

    and as for you handle, i doubt anyone of intelligence would agree that your suggestion is valid. Typically, to form an opinion, you’d need to review or “read” the entry before deciding if you’d like it. I challenge you to like this without reading it.

  3. Would be nice if he tried to integrate the tv and 360 into one unit with new custom casing, but this seems pretty daft.

    I could do the same thing with a roll of gaffer tape, strapping my 360 to the back of my tv and hey presto! Way to destroy two perfectly good pieces of hardware.

  4. Lol… I’m actually working on one right as we speak… 22″ Sceptre monitor and an old vga xbox 360… gonna change the monitor/xbox enclosure to a clear one, physical mod of the dvd drive, lights & fans… and a modded hardrive… should be sweet…

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