Live Full Motion Video On A Peggy

[Windell] was stoked enough to send us [Jay]’s sweet hack on [Windell]’s Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories Peggy 2.0 kit. [Jay] added serial input and hacked quartz composer on his mac to light up all 625 LEDs with live motion video. If you were jealous of the Metalab’s giant LED display, now you can have your own – smaller and cheaper.

EMSL has recently supplemented this awesome device with their Arduino Library for Peggy 2.0. It is a program library that contains various animations and demonstrations of how to draw on a Peggy. Download and enjoy them as they are or tweak them to test out some of Peggy 2.0’s capabilities.

5 thoughts on “Live Full Motion Video On A Peggy

  1. #1, #2 tjHow, j:
    Keep in mind an RGB peggy (assuming 25×25 pixels) would be the equivalent of 3 times as many LED’s. It’s possible, but it gets a bit more difficult. Also, some calibration would need to be done to get the RGB levels equivalent (green is usually brighter then blue and red) And, it would be MUCH more expensive, 625 RGB leds would be rather pricy

    #3, Yak:

    SD card would be a little harder, because the SPI port on the AVR is already rather busy with controlling the LEDs. Could use a second AVR to do this though, and communicate between the two via I2C or serial. I haven’t worked out the timing requirements, but it seems doable.

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