Dell Tablets Support Multitouch

Dell announced today that it will be offering a free multitouch upgrade to their Latitude XT tablets. You may remember Microsoft using an XT when they first demoed the multitouch features in Windows 7. Dell’s new firmware update will allow users to scroll, scale, and assign macros to other gestures. The laptop is using capacitive touch technology, so don’t expect accurate tracking of multiple fingertips. We’re happy to see a manufacturer take time to roll this out even if widespread adoption probably won’t happen. Now to see if some one can get it working with OSx86. As with most technology we encourage you to build it yourself.

[via Gizmodo]

4 thoughts on “Dell Tablets Support Multitouch

  1. Um…. so is there an app that shows how many points are touching the screen? Well as in any multi-touch system that i’ve seen. Is this a real multi-touch screen? Or is it just a clever hack to get a mono touch screen to act as a multi-touch screen?

    Just thinkin’. *goes and finds some coffee*

  2. Att yellowpages is giving its salespeople and publishing artist touchtablets with XP or Vista. Nothing but complaints. Windows is not a real mutli-tasking operating system. With all those hard resources, imagine you have a massive sql database like oracle running everytime and crashing when you trying to snag a $6,000 contract. Don’t do it!

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