Wiremap, A Volumetric Display

While at The Last HOPE this year, we were fortunate enough to see Wiremap, a volumetric display made from thread. Using a projector and 256 individual strands of cotton thread, [Albert Hwang] produces 3D effects. The result is a visually stunning piece of work.

[Albert] started with 85 coat hanger wires and a projector that ultimately failed due to the focal requirements. His final version, on display at The Last Hope was his third design and has 256 individual strands. To get the 3d effect, he splits the image into vertical pieces and arranges them so that they’ll hit the appropriate strand. He uses custom software which is available for download on his site. He encourages people to make their own, and send him ideas for improvements.

His site has pictures and videos of the final products and variations, plans for the hardware, and downloads for the software. It would be nice to see some more construction shots.

[via NYC Resistor]
[photo: mightyohm]

9 thoughts on “Wiremap, A Volumetric Display

  1. Fibre optics wouldn’t have worked. The colour would transmit the entire length of the strand and there would be no way to set a termination point where it the would stop a set height from the top and botton of each strand.
    Also you wouldn’t see much. The whole idea of fibre optics is it carries light from one end to the other through internal reflection.
    If the FO strand is working properly then very little light is spilled from the sides.

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