Electric Mannequin Leg Maraca

[Richie Brown] created an electric mannequin leg maraca. The leg is filled with little bits of plastic, metal, and wood. Hook it up to a looping pedal, add a piezo disc mic, and you’ve got an unusual instrument with a lot of potential. [Brown] has other projects that encourage interaction and invite curiosity, from disembodied mannequin parts to repurposed piano keyboards. The creations come attached with contact mics that pick up noises as people touch, poke, and play around with them.

14 thoughts on “Electric Mannequin Leg Maraca

  1. jebus everything about him and his room scream 1983 i want my mtv. Its a compliment in a strange sort of way.

    to paraphrase a song of the day:
    “logiddat leg, thats the way you shake it.. play your manaquine on the mtv. maby get a blister on your little finger, maby get a blister on your thumb.”

  2. Yes, I noted the female torso, as well as the face. I may need professional help as my gaze kept drifting towards the torso. Then again it may have been the only thing in the video worth looking at. ;) What is and what isn’t music is relative, while this is interesting, I’m not going to buy the CD or MP3. I’m not sure what the dude’s facial hair has to do with anything, male artists of several music genre wear the same style. At any rate the project IS a hack.

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