Monster Truck Lawn Mower

It’s no secret that we’re gear heads at heart. Our transportation hacks category is full of unfortunate machinery like [Steven Laurie]’s motor art, weed whacker bikes, and electric motorcycles of all types. Even we have trouble justifying the existence of this monster truck style lawn tractor though. We haven’t found a project site for it and can’t help but wonder what kind of person would build such a thing? It’s obviously the type that would own a car sized American flag. We just need to realize with the popularity of lawn mower racing, this sort of thing was bound to happen.

[via Toolmonger]

23 thoughts on “Monster Truck Lawn Mower

  1. Not 4wd = fail

    That or maybe he should pick stuff it can actually go over or through in 2wd.

    Try starting with something like this v8 1/4 scale 4×4:

    Or use shortened Suzuki Samurai axle tubes.

  2. @wolf

    Whatever man. I’ve been in situations before when I though I was going to flip my truck, and its dicey. I would not ride on that thing. He’s obviously got the funds to custom make a lawn mower into a monster truck. Is little bent steel tubing too much to ask to preserve your own life? I think its irresponsible as a builder to endanger anyone’s life, and just plan stupid to endanger your own. thats kind of like the code of ethics engineers live by.

  3. Oh admit it Hack-a-day, that’s you, I recognize the little logo in front! >-)

    And at 16 seconds the vid stops just before he tumbles over backwards and due to the mentioned lack of bars you had to resign to your laptop and your brother took it in the ditch.,,

  4. I only saw this because I forgot to use my bookmark to the /daily sections, but I’m saddened that this is posted with a sentiment of superiority. It is obviously a hack, appears to work for the niche he created it for and is obviously bringing the creator joy. Also, owning a flag is not a character flaw.

  5. @Tony

    I agree with you on the engineers code of ethics as far as protecting others. But hackers aren’t the same as traditional engineers in that we (at least I) embrace the freedom to risk our own well being at our own, and no one elses discretion.

    Your right about the danger of leaving this contraption without a roll cage, but as long as he’s only risking his own life, its his call, so I don’t see any problem with it.

  6. Gosh! HackADay is really going down the pipe with such lame hacks…. You guys did much better in the past with more quality hacks, rather than quantity… Please, get better hacks, rather than trying to fill a quota of hacks a day….

  7. Well it appears the track is not any narrower than that of commercially sold 4 wheel ATV that have no roll cage. The ATV probably has a center of gravity advantage. All in all it doesn’t come close to death defying stunt status. Eliot; other than, there’s a chance this blog may make money beyond breaking even, can the existence of it be “justified”?

  8. … is it still really a lawnmower? I don’t see a deck!

    I do agree though, while a nice project, there aren’t any instructions or build details, or plans… so it’s an interesting find, but not really something I’d want to read about on Hackaday.

    In fact, I don’t really see any research done in the writing of that post at all. Just links to past hack-a-day post and that comment about owning a flag.

  9. And it floats! That alone makes it well-nigh the ultimate redneck machine: down the hunting trail, across the lake, back up the other side, and voila: no more tedious bridge building!

    Very impressive, if not very safe.

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