James Powderly Released

Graffiti Research Lab’s [James Powderly] along with 9 other Tibet supporters were deported from China during the Olympic’s closing ceremonies. Detained on the 19th, the activists were to serve a 10 day sentence, but the Chinese government buckled under international pressure and deported them early. This brings the total number of deported activists to 53 since the start of the games.

Graffiti Research Lab is well known for its laser tagging research.

10 thoughts on “James Powderly Released

  1. How is getting tossed in a chinese jail for protesting hacking? if he gets a dui are we going to hear about that too? looks like you’re the only one that thinks this news is worthy.

  2. @6

    Again, have you worked your way through the site

    That was an advertising firm working for adult swim who took the LED throwie idea and turned it into an aqua team ad.

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