Aurora Mixer Now Available

It’s been a long time coming but that highly sought after open source mixer, the aurora224 is now available for purchase on the company’s website. The aurora mixer is a fully programmable USB mixer complete with 24 back lit knobs, 2 faders, and a single crossfader.

While the instructions on how to assemble your own mixer from scratch have been available for sometime now, many wanted a kit complete with everything needed to avoid having to source the parts themselves.

The aurora mixer is available in 2 versions, a fully assembled turn key deck and a DIY kit that requires the use of a soldering iron and the ability to follow directions.

So, if you’ve wanted to build your own aurora mixer but never knew where to start, this may be your lucky day. Don’t wait too long as you have until September 1st to get your order in.

9 thoughts on “Aurora Mixer Now Available

  1. $300+ for something that doesn’t actually do any audio, and is just a set of computer readable knobs and buttons, plus some computer controllable lights? Clearly, I don’t get it…

  2. A mixer with no XLR inputs or outputs? Not even RCA? Meh.

    Give me 4 real inputs with phantom power selectable on each, 4 virtual inputs over USB/Firewire, and the ability to mix to stereo output on real XLR’s or USB/Firewire and *then* you’ve got something …

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