Bypassing The IPhone Passcode Lock In Live Webcast

[Jonathan Zdziarski], a data forensics expert and iPhone hacker, will demonstrate in a live O’Reilly webcast on September 11, 2008, how to bypass the iPhone passcode lock security. Although the presentation is targeted towards law enforcement, it will probably viewed by a lot of hackers and geeks, who could use the information for good or evil. It also doesn’t strike us as very good security if the iPhone passcode is easily bypassed. Then what’s the point of having one?

[via Gizmodo]

11 thoughts on “Bypassing The IPhone Passcode Lock In Live Webcast

  1. if you go up to a pepsi machine merlin and reach under neath it youll need 2 people to do this there is a button in tyhe coin return tick ur figer in dar and hold it down the the other person does the 4321 passcodeand you can control the money regulater i did this and it does work i cleaned out a machine me and my friend

  2. I need help, i forgotten my iphone passcode and cant access the phone at all even through the emergency calls side as i set prevention. Pls help me. Tell me what can i do?


  3. A girl I met at a party said she new a cool trick. She unlocked my iPhone passcode in less than 2 seconds. There’s a quick cheat, but she won’t tell me. And no, she didn’t know my passcode.

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