Giant Mechanical Spider Awakens In Liverpool

While we were away, we missed the story about the giant mechanical spider in Liverpool.  That spider has come to life, and you can watch the video courtesy of the BBC.

Named La Princesse, she an art project designed to build tourism and boost the economy.  Developed by french company La Machine, she looks amazing.  It looks as though it takes 9 people to pilot her, possibly another running the crane she’s suspended from.  Watch the video and see her reach out and tap an onlooker’s umbrella with one of her legs.

[via Gizmodo]

4 thoughts on “Giant Mechanical Spider Awakens In Liverpool

  1. admittedly it does look very impressive but what the video doesn’t make

    totally clear is that the spider is mounted on a motorised trolley and not suspended

    from a crane. essentially they’ve made a giant animated hood ornament.

    when I first heard about it i was really excited, after seeing the giant wooden

    self propelled elephant the company previously made, but an animated hood ornament?

    no thanks i’ll pass ;)

  2. take a closer look at that elephant, it’s pulled along with

    wheels and not it’s legs.

    Having seen the spider with my own eyes yesterday, you’ve

    missed the point, check out the Spider Saturday video here..

    It’s meant to be walking round the city and it did look like

    it was. But there’s no way the spider could have walked on

    it’s own legs through the city, the public safety aspect

    alone would have killed the project. It weighs 38 tonnes.

  3. I love how they made a screenshot of the player; I was wondering what the hell was wrong with my computer. Aside from that, I’m not sure I would want to see that thing up-close; somebody almost gets stepped on at 0:39!

    And it’s not a hood ornament, it’s a parade float.

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