Antec Skeleton Case

Maybe you saw the previous post and thought, “Well, that’s all well and good, but why is such a stylish case being used to ventilate cat feces?” Antec has heard your cries and has created a computer case with all the lovely curves of a litter box and just as much airflow. The Skeleton case has an open frame design with a 250mm fan on top. You mount the motherboard to a sliding tray. The power supply and hard drives are mounted underneath. It’s an interesting idea and easily replicated, but if cooling had been the goal, it would be a lot more enclosed. You can see the case with components installed on TweakTown.

[via acquire, thanks, xtine]

26 thoughts on “Antec Skeleton Case

  1. whats up with the redirect page on that website? the page loaded and maybe 2 seconds later some other page came up asking me to turn off my adblocker. how can i stop it from doing that?

  2. F*ck Tweaktown and their moronic “No Ad Blockers Allowed” Policy”.

    There’s nothing in the WORLD that I can’t find on 50 other sites that would
    make me change MY setup on MY computer with MY web browser.

    Hackaday, you’re SOOOOOOOO much better then these fops – please do not waste
    everyone’s time by linking to them.

  3. Wouldn’t this also let a lot of processor ‘noise’ escape? I’ve had an open case near a radio and I could actually hear the processor through the radio whenever the processor was under more load. That didn’t happen when the server next to it, with a closed case, was the only one on.

  4. This is the UGLIEST looking case I have ever seen.

    More dust means, more random shutdowns, one more can of the air duster wasted.

    The one thing I can give it credit for is, i can fry my eggs on top of it, bake a cake and barbeque on it.

  5. A new one from me

    their anti adblock is easily defeated……with adblock!

    (If you have the filterset G updater installed, just allow
    a couple of things to show, from there it won’t redirect, and
    you don’t have to see ads.)

    /phpadsnew/www/delivery/afr.php (loads 6 hidden frames)
    /phpadsnew/www/delivery/fl.js (may be what checks for the frames)
    /phpadsnew/www/images/1×1.gif (probably related)

    You can leave everything else blocked, and still browse ad-free.

  6. Has anyone else thought of the liquid cooling prospects of this thing? If you are gonna do a custom setup and not a kit this thin would be perfect. I used a heater core from an old car as my radiator and it seems that if you could mount it over the fan you could put water blocks on all of the hot components and be just fine. Get a couple UV lights with some UV-reactive coolant and it would look amazing.

  7. Here a deep review about the Antec Skeleton. It is in italian, but it includes a lot of photos. Take a look here:

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