8 Bit Digital Sampler Kit, Bendable Too

No, it’s not flexible, its bendable. As in, you can hack it to sound different by connecting parts in random ways.  “Where’s the Party At?”, or “WTPA” for short is a bendable 8 bit sampler made by [Todd Bailey]. Still curious what it is? Watch his video showing it in action. The video is huge, 93Megs, so be patient. The overall attitude of this project is built around hacking. Consider this quote from his page ” I’ve got lots of things to poke, bend, illuminate, invoke, distrust, regulate, and otherwise get jiggy with. It’s like being 15 at the mall again! “.   Sounds like fun to us.

[via Create Digital Music]

7 thoughts on “8 Bit Digital Sampler Kit, Bendable Too

  1. OK – it looks like some sort of kit. However, it could be ‘merely’ a one-off created by the author. No truly useful information is available on the site referenced, and all I can find elsewhere is basically stuff like the previous comments: “Oh, how terrible it sounds” or “Gosh, I think I can use this to bend the unbendable” or the like.

    Would some kind soul indicate (a) is this a purchasable kit? (b) is this GOING to be a purchasable kit? (c) if this IS NOT going to be a purchasable kit can anyone come up with a complete parts list and some clue how the bits and pieces go together?

    DIY is just fine and dandy, but when it comes to a device with complexity of this sort (did the 1200 lines of code refer to this project or his workplace?), I really even more ignorant than usual.

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