Sanguino ATmega644P Board

The RepRap project, which is a printer that can make components using rapid prototyping technology, and it is designed so that it can eventually self replicate. Has released a new breakout board for the Sanguino that provides access to all the pins as screw terminals. The Sanguino is an Arduino compatible board based on the ATmega644P chip. You can populate the full board with all the components and have a fully functional single board. You could populate only the screw terminals and plug your Sanguino, and use it as a breakout board as well. The board design is released on Google Code.

23 thoughts on “Sanguino ATmega644P Board

  1. So I searched google for Sanguino, figuring it was something I should learn about. First result? This post. There’s not a whole lot of info out there, can anyone recommend a source?

  2. @amk from my understanding, its just a more powerful version of the arduino, powered by an atmega644p. I have no idea what made them chose “san” as a prefix, maybe they have no imagination…

  3. Ooh a hater! woot!

    On the topic of the name:

    sanguine -adjective

    1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations.
    2. blood-red; red.

    sanguino -noun

    1. a fun microcontroller board inspired by the awesome Arduino project
    2. a red colored microcontroller board based on the ATmega644P
    3. italian – I’m bleeding! (ed. -oops. thanks for the heads up, google translate! )

    and i thought it was rather clever… oh well.

  4. The sanguino isn’t anything new, but this screw-terminal board is. Neato idea to add some flexibility to the end user.
    What’s with the colour photograph on hackaday?! This isn’t a worth article of colour. Sheesh.

  5. I’ve been wanting to buy a couple of these for *months* ***but*** have you noticed that to sign up with them to buy these things that the *require* your name, date of birth, and other personal info which appears to be sent via clear text?…

    I never got farther than that.

    EBo –

  6. In response to 5h’s question: “If one isn’t interested in Arduino sketches and all, can ICSP or JTAG be used to replace the bootloader, and then use avr-gcc and what not?”

    The answer is absolutely YES! You can just pop the chip into a good programmer (like the AVR Dragon) and program it in whatever way you’d like and forget the whole Arduino/Sanguino thing.

    That having been said, the Arduino language uses the AVR-GCC compiler on the back-end and has access to the whole library of C code if you need that power. I have found the Arduino environment to be absolutely ideal for development.


  7. In response to EBO —

    You can buy the Sanguino (and the excellent Freeduino Barebones Board) from Wulfden at He doesn’t require your social security number, date of birth OR shoe size!

    But if you are REALLY paranoid, the Sanguino comes with a parts list listing the exact part numbers to buy from Digikey and Mouser; and the PCB design is Creative Commons so you can get it duplicated via a nice board house like the one that Sparkfun uses.


  8. Why do people still insist on designing electronics like it’s 1989 …

    Surface mount stuff has been around for years and it’s MUCH easier to solder. There is a lot less chance of a dry joint (most common mistake made be people learning to solder) and you don’t have to keep flipping the board which leads to more mistakes during assembly.

  9. also in response to ebo-
    Dude! get a grip, when sites ask for personal info that you do not wish to disclose: use this clever idea: Lie! If their too rude not to display the discretion to leave your info alone – feed ’em bullshit – maybe they can use it to grow tomatoes – really need to work on that “quick on your feet” thing… g’day

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