Wiimote Guitar Effects Control


[Rob Morris] sent us this video of his Wiimote based guitar effects. Similar to our post yesterday about using the Wiimote to control a synth, he is using changes in orientation to effect the sound. He starts off with simple pitch modulation, but later in the video he’s doing, uh, we’re not sure but its kind of cool.

17 thoughts on “Wiimote Guitar Effects Control

  1. How to do this:

    There are several ways to read out a wii. There’s something called darwiin, which can send data in Opens Sound Control format. There must be similar things for windows and linux.

    This OSC data can then be understood by supercollider, maxmsp and pd and so forth.
    Build your fx in one of those, or cook the data and send it as midi to the effect that you like.

    Mine is done in MSP, most of it by manipulating one tap-in tap-out delayline.

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