PSP 3000 Teardown

If you absolutely feel an incessant need to see the innards of every new piece of equipment out there, you’ll probably be excited to see that the PSP 3000 has been disassembled and photographed. Apparently there isn’t much new here. The screen has been replaced with one that has 5 times the contrast ratio, twice the color range, and a refresh rate that is twice as fast. Other than that, there’s a built in microphone and a mystery “PS” button.

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51 thoughts on “PSP 3000 Teardown

  1. A new psp? Why? Although that meas price drops on the old onces which means I can get one for cheap and mod it. Or use the screen or something. I’m sure it’s probably got some good parts though.

  2. So now it finally has the quality it should have launched at?

    Any word on if it has 16GB of storage and can use SDHC cards yet? Oh, and ditch the optical drive for more battery and another SD slot while you are going about it, whatever.

  3. Beefed up pre-ipl/ipl security, the “mystery button” is nothing more than a redesigned “home” button, and ships with firmware 5.00 – Which has an updated full screen qwerty keyboard and newly designed xmb waves, as well as PSP direct access to the playstation store.

    The motherboard is a ta-090, it is important to distinguish it from the ta-090 already in circulation in PSP2000 units, the ta-090(psp2k) is hackable, the ta-090(psp3k) is currently not, neither will it attempt to boot the ipl from memory stick when a battery with the serial number 0xFFFFFFFF is inserted, also it is not possible to write to the serial eeprom in the battery meaning PSP3k batterys cannot be “pandora’ized”.

    It was suspected that the PSP3k motherboard would be based on the current PSP2k ta-088v3 motherboard, but it would seem not, there is some confusion in the scene regarding this.

    We’ll see what awaits.

  4. I hate how they simply ripped off the boards schieldings (judging from the look of the mainboard) instead of desoldering.

    (I also cringed at the ‘will it blend’ episodes with the iPhone…)

    Destroying things for fun or for no apparent reason is for little brats with nothing more to do with their lives :(

  5. i had the jap light blue, got rid of it, copped god of war psp. damaged it, got the covers changed *white face, red buttons, red god of war battery cover. (the buttons we loose, the shoulder buttons hardly pressed so i traded that in and bought a new matt bronze m33 4.01 then 2 days later bought a white psp 3006 hell yeh. one for movies and REAL games (better screen) .(maybe when its hacked ill consider doing so) and one for ps1 games, psp ISO’s cxmb etc. well happy. money well spent i think

  6. yes it can be hacked, datel has just released a battery called the lite blue tool, which will put the psp 3000 into service mode, the new lite blue battery tool will go on sale on november the 28th for $29.99 , it works by overriding all the security checks in the motherboard and going straight into service mode.

  7. there is no evidence that the battery actually works. and the psp uses a different motherboard so i beleive you will need to make the mms using another method other than the ones used for previous psp. which i am yet to find this method.

  8. i dont think the battery works either. i know that if you overide the security codes with the slim motherboard (the pandora proof one) it just shuts down. it wont work dont waste your money. on the other hand i reckon you could modify a pandora battery a bit and it would work. could someone with the right contacts put that idea through to dark alex coz i aint got no one with the right people to start anything. i might just get myself a 3000 and try to hack it. i got the phat 1.50 onto my slim which everyone said was impossible and i unbricked it without a pandora battery so i reckon im upto it.

  9. I currently have a HAXED PSP 2001. its got 5.00m33-4 on it. There is NO qwerty keyboard on it. YES the PSP 3000 series’ will be haxable, but you will only need a pandora battery from the PSP 2000 series’, and the mms, but with the 5.00m33 ALREADY ON IT!! (so it goes right from the phat’s 1.50, to 5.00 m33, because the new screen wont display anything less, just like the 2000 series’ and anything below 3.60)

    you can use home brew, meaning you can put the .iso’s of games onto your ms, and play them without disc. this method it litterally 4X faster than using a UMD. you can put emulators on, so you can play classics for NES, SNES, GB, GBA, and others.

    about the PS button, ITS A HOME BUTTON UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME/LOGO. it is only there because a lot of people use their PSPs as a second PS3 controller or whatever, and get confused about what button on a PSP is supposed to resemble the PS button on PS3 controllers.

    About the mic. on the PSP 3000 series…
    In F/W, 4.00 (both official, and custom) they added Skype for the PSP 2000+ series’. the mic was only put there because sony thought… “look at us, create skype nobody will use because only 2% of the PSP owning community has the mic add-on.” So they added the mic.

    So the screen is better. whoo-hoo. wait, WRONG WORDS!!! with a “better screen,” the battery life will be sapped even more than already was starting to be with the 2000 series. Sure, you can go buy the new 2200mh battery, but it adds at least 5 extra pounds to your PSP, not to mention a big bulge in the back. Personally, i dont even use my battery because its life isnt long enough. I only use it if im going to a friends house or something, and i need something to do. its rude to use their power for your need, so yeah.

    all sony is offering to people with the 3000 series is the 2000 with less battery, and a mic.

  10. The PSP3000 (TA-090v2 Motherboard) as with the PSP2000 (TA-088v3 Motherboard) is currently unhackable, a pandora battery will boot to service mode on a TA-088v3, however IPL security will fail to authenticate the custom IPL, as such CFW installation will fail, a PSP2000 pandora battery will do NOTHING at all on a PSP3000. The posters comments above me are complete non-sense.

    There have been two developments in this area recently, The GripShift exploit and the LibTiff exploit (See ) GripShift allows the execution of unsigned code on firmware 1.52 – 5.02 the unsigned code currently must use modules imported by the GripShift game which make it somewhat limited, it is also limited to User-Mode.

  11. We have successfully hacked a psp 3000, this was after bricking 11 other psps, but it was well worth it. I know most of you people, if any are reading this, will want to know the magic behind the trick, I tell you that we will not share it for three main points:
    1.- The psp 3000 is sony’s final hope to keep the psp alive. Game makers aren’t willing to put up with all the piracy around so they will definitively stop making games for the psp if the word of its hacking spreads out.
    2.- There aren’t homebrews that run on psp 3000, or if there are, i don’t know about their existence, and therefore, aren’t supported by our customzised firmware. What I can do with my freshly hacked psp 3000 is playing ISOs, CSOs, because the firmware we have developed supports it.
    3.- If it’s running around the internet, sony will eventually find a protection and send a firmware patching their flaw, preventing someone else to do it themeselves.
    The only thing we wanted to achieve was that, playing ISOs and CSOs, the rest of the stuff is just not as important, for us.
    Currently there are 7 psps 3000 that have runed our KnD (kill n destroy) which is a downgrader that can run on the psp 3000. It will take it all the way back to 1.5 OFW. then we developed the first ever choliware 1.0 which supports ISO and CSO.
    Pretty cool huh?.
    We don’t expect people to understand let alone accept our final deccision of keeping it a secret, but listen to this.
    There is hope.
    If 7 kids from Peru could take sony’s so called, unhackable psp, and hack it, WHAT’S STOPPING THE GREAT MINDS OF PSP HACKING LIKE DAX OR C+D? guys, we worshipped you, but i think this time we beated you to the punch.
    On the other hand, you guys might have already done it, but like us, are holding the information back.
    either way, we want to encourage the average psp player to start investigating. eventually someone foolish enough will hit it and share it.


  12. WoW is it realy hacked? then can u spread out what do i need to hack my psp 2000 slim that have ta088v3 mother board? is it the same as psp 3000 cause i think when u hacked psp 3k so it is the same as 200 am i correct?

  13. Yes, you are correct, on the other hand, we found more dificulties after defeating the motherboard block. Hopefully the 2000 is easier, we havent tried it yet.
    Difund the word of the hacking, thats the only way i can tell you will get any closer to the instructions, the more people trying to hack, the highewr the odds somebody will hit it and share it,
    Good Luck

  14. Yeah cause if he really hacked it i think he will spread the word cause if i where him i could be rich by just hacking the psp 3000!!!
    by just selling the new type of battery that will hacked the psp 3000!!! just like datel but hes an idiot for scamming it hahahahaah!!!!!

  15. hey i did not kno tht psp 3000 serirs was i bought it it is PSP-3001XPB/98898
    nd i really regreat it. i would have bought psp 2000 series. i only knew abt it when my frend told me. i dont care abt sony i really want psp hacking software and battery pack for 3k series. it is really borig tht i can only play UMDs. pls make it sooner. i have a magic memory card and games for it but for psp 2000 series.i hoped it would work on my psp but is cool but sucks be coz none of the memory card works.

  16. It´s us again. AS WE SAID BEFORE, it´s not a greed idea. Sony is going all in on the unhackable psp, and soon enough it will be finally spread, on the thought of selling the battery used to do it, we do not want to spread the hacking!, if we did, and we might do it soon, but we´d do it free, like porn should be!

  17. shit!!! just spread it WTF!!!
    we have been waiting for almost a year and u said reptar that psp 3000 and 2000 is hacked??
    and 1 thing!!!!
    I thing that ur lying!!!!!!!
    FUCK SHIT!!!
    BULL SHIt!!!

  18. wtf ever reptar, ur an idiot, u said in previous post, that u beat everyone to the punch, they have proof, the psp 3000 has been hacked, Miriam took credit for something dark alex let him study, and dark alex said the exploit credit goes to Joek which he stated has hacked his psp 3000 for personal use, so before like i said to u on other post, keep your lying little dicksuckers shut you little piece of shit. EVERYONE IN THIS POST REPTAR GOES AROUND ONLINE POSTING THAT SHIT WITH NO PROOF BUT HE DISSES EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS PROOF ADD 2 and 2 = REPTARS A FUCKING FAGGOTT

  19. It´s fine if you guys don´t believe us. It´s not us surfing the internet to find out how to hack it. Instead of wasting time checking around everyday for a hack, spend some time figuring it out lazy fucks.

  20. Ulol reptar u mother fucker!!!
    yeah we really dont believe in u!!!
    yah yah even if ur ryt dat u hack the psp 3000
    i will obey u and u ar my master if u spread out da thing dat will hacked the psp 3000!!!!!

  21. to reptar
    you talk way too much shit, no proof, just talk, like i said before you fucking idiot shut the fuck up, anyone here, don’t believe one little word comming out of that douche-bags little dick sucking mouth, talking about somebody being lazy, look at u, u talk, talk, talk, no proof you stupid little prick, your just mad cause your friends ran a train on your mom

  22. “Instead of wasting time checking around everyday for a hack, spend some time figuring it out lazy fucks.”

    I’m sorry, who’s the one lurking comments to talk shit?

    “…and soon enough it will be finally spread, on the thought of selling the battery used to do it, we do not want to spread the hacking!, if we did, and we might do it soon, but we´d do it free…”

    I know there might be something lost in the translation here, but you are fucking retarded. “we won’t release it, but we are planning on it, so go figure it out yourselves!”

    BTW, where would you be right now if dark_alex didn’t release his efforts to the public?

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