ASUS Eee Pc For $200 In 2009

Promises, promises, promises.  The $200 Eee PC is supposedly coming in 2009, according to chairman Johnny Shih. No word on whether it will be a 10 inch screen, but it seems possible as they have stated they are phasing out the smaller models. Other interesting facts were divulged, such as 70% of them are now loaded with Windows XP and hard drives.

[via Engadget]

12 thoughts on “ASUS Eee Pc For $200 In 2009

  1. i <3 my eee pc 1000h

    i did choose the hard drive over the ssd, since the ssd wasn’t exactly blazing fast.

    my favorite thing about this is that it can play up to 1080p video, and I’m not tethered to a power outlet when i’m in class

    i’ll probably get another one if it does dip to $200.

  2. I have a 901 with the 8.9 inch screen and a 20 gig ssd. Love the thing it goes with me everywhere with no hassle. I would definitely get another if they dropped below $200 for a project platform.

  3. I’ve got the original 701 with Xandros. I even use it for a traveling development laptop (embedded development) when its too much trouble to lug the big one (Its about convenience)

    I also may pick another one up if the price dips to $200.

  4. Even better for those who are highschool students in australia. We get 50% off any new laptop worth up to $1,500. Anyone will be able to get a laptop soon they’ll be on ebay for 150 then half of that is $75. :P

  5. my 701 is great for any occasion but it seems like asus will say anything to get their name out there. I remember when the first eees came out, Asus said they would be around 200 also.

  6. Awesome! the best thing about this is that it appears they’re going in the right direction with these ultra-portables. Small, light, and inexpensive. When they started making larger more expensive ones I started to worry they were beginning to miss the point of why anyone would want one of these anyway. At 200 bucks though I’ll snap one up in a heartbeat.

  7. $200, microsoft must be seriously hacking in to their licensing costs.

    my 701 with ubuntu 8.04 isnt really that great thanks entirely to the screen res. but my slightly faster acer aspire one with a kick ass keyboard and screen would easily have got me through high school.

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