Horrifyingly Wonderful Hexapod Dancing


We don’t know whether to be horrified, or elated at the sight of this dancing hexapod. Yeah, it isn’t a hack. It isn’t even a build article.  But if there is ever a time to post a six legged dancing head with glowing red eyes, it is today, Halloween. Enjoy.

[via BotJunkie]

26 thoughts on “Horrifyingly Wonderful Hexapod Dancing

  1. Wow, I bet tons of work went into building that thing. Though this choice of display is well… less than ideal for showing off such technology, it does show how robust this build really is.

    Imagine some sort of gun built inside of each leg (50 cal rifles? Cannons?), a few cameras on top and a satellite to command the thing; you’ve got a nice weapon.

  2. Aw, and the only thing I thought at the end of the movie:

    Why does it step right when they sing “Take one step left” and left when they sing “And one to the right”…!?

  3. @dave: I ran the video through several layers of enhancement, analyzed the tumble and drag of the object, extracted a rough density analysis and 3D model, and conferred with a team of video forensics expert. The verdict? A small piece of styrofoam from the prosthetic head. ;)

  4. robots are cool! way cooler than this. i really hate it when people make robotics look stupid. and so many people do! the motions were created very well, though. too bad the end result was.. well.. you all watched the video. bllleeaaah!

  5. looks like a piece of styrofoam from the head.

    pretty well done… just dont really see the point, nor what exactly these dancing bots are trying to accomplish? its just servos programmed to move to the (sometimes off-)beat of a chosen song.

    id be more impressed to see a bot DANCE to music that it hears, regardless of the song choice…

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