Gyro Controlled Game


[Eric] sent in this cool project that he did as part of his graduation project. He built a game that uses a gyroscope as an input device. For the gyroscope, he’s using a Powerball with a sensor inserted into it. This data is gathered by an Arduino in a pretty enclosure. The whole unit connects to a PC via USB and is supposedly plug and play. There’s a video of the setup in action on the site, just try not to laugh too hard watching them.

4 thoughts on “Gyro Controlled Game

  1. @ error404, be sure and tell Linksys their USB is wrong on their Wifi dongles and all of the cheap USB camera folks, and all the people selling the cable he used.

    Of course it is wrong, but he is using parts from the $1 store, don’t fault him because he used a cable.

    As for the video, I can see an interactive multiplayer game going very very wrong.

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