Install OSX On The HP TouchSmart


[Aaron Nelson] of Hijinks Inc. wrote up how he installed OSX on his HP TouchSmart IQ507. It looks and works like you would expect, save for a few things. The touchscreen works, but the calibration is so far off it’s useless. The most important things, like ethernet and the memory card reader, work fine. [Nelson]’s biggest frustration is that he has to disable the on board audio every time he logs in, so that the keyboard and mouse will be recognized. He is working on improvements, and would love to hear any suggestions you have.

8 thoughts on “Install OSX On The HP TouchSmart

  1. I’m going to say that the touchscreen issue is almost certainly due to the non-native resolution on the display.

    Not being a Mac guy I’m going to have to defer how to get that working to someone else.

  2. @ j
    It’s not about using one os over another, it’s about getting an os to run on hardware it’s not intended to run on.

    can you say the same thing for those who put windows 95 on a psp?
    what about vista on a ps3?

    ubuntu doesn’t work 100% on my laptop, but it’s still neat to have.

    what you think of as “issues” are actually puzzles that need solving.

  3. a) Someone else actually ‘hacked’ the OS to install on this machine
    b) He didn’t even get critical components like video, wifi or audio working.

    He downloaded some software and installed it, and whoopie figured out that disabling onboard audio made the keyboard work. Why was this worth posting?

  4. I have a tiger.vmx image that actually runs but networking is disabled. This image works with vm workstation. Locks up using Sun’s virtual machine. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America.

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