Microcontroller Fireworks Launcher

[vimeo 2245777]

After being inspired by our previous posts on a microcontroller-powered missile launcher and the wireless fireworks controller, [Adam] at Additronics.com decided to build his own microcontroller launcher. He combined elements from each of the prior projects, and included some of the advice from the Hack a Day comments. His multi-rocket/fireworks launcher is configured with an Arduino Diecimila, and requires a whole boatload of batteries. [Adam] claims there’ll be another video at New Year’s of the microcontroller in action, which we’re definitely looking forward to watching.

9 thoughts on “Microcontroller Fireworks Launcher

  1. Just a quick note that, in the UK at least, using this would be rather illegal as it involves modifying the fuses of fireworks (technically, any firework that has been modified in any way, and has not been submitted for testing, is automatically classified as Category-4). Never mind that remote electronic ignition is safer than the “light the taper and peg it” method, it still requires a professionals fireworks license from the BPA.

  2. Where is the exploding stuff?

    Would like to see a master and slave box. Slave has wire connections and battery power to trigger rockets. Master has screen, launch buttons, key, etc. Connect both via cheap phone/network cable? Put whole setup in aluminum briefcase, these cases come in many sizes.

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