Ti-84 LED Mod


Add lights to your graphing calculator. Do it now. [Sil3ntP8nd8] added some, and seems to have done a decent job. They are spread around the back, supplying a nice even light on, well, on whatever is under your calculator. It may be difficult to see too much detail though on account of the water marks. You have to protect your intellectual property though. This almost compares to the DS LED monstrosity we covered recently.

29 thoughts on “Ti-84 LED Mod

  1. lame ass hack for two reasons. 1 not even a switch for on off, or even a relay function tied to “on” to control the leds. 2 the leds are on the back and would be more of a help to have a back light then saying “look at me teacher im probably going to cheat in class with this calculator that is glowing”. also uber nerd bling, but nerd bling is cool.

  2. aside from it not being a “hack”… this mod isn’t even slightly amusing. I can take my TV remote and put LEDs on the back of it…my steering wheel…or even on the bottom of my toaster. The music fails to even bring a slight change of mood…im still stuck at wtf. If he wants to make this a real mod or “hack” he would get at least 555 timer and start strobing(?) stuff. …or make backlit buttons! AH HAH now theres an idea

  3. Hooray! Now I can have a pimped out ti! w00t…

    If I had this calc… I would totally put something that broadcasts to the world I have a small peni… I mean a spoiler on this. Because everything is cooler with spoilers and undercarriage lights, right?

  4. I’m not usually one to complain, but I submitted an article about someone who hacked a child safety switch into their fridge ice/water door over a month ago, which has yet to be posted on HAD.

    But this LED hack was apparently more note-worthy enough to make it. Color me confused.

  5. @pouncer

    There are a number of reasons why a hack won’t get posted. It is quite possible that some big news event happened and yours slipped through the cracks. I’d be happy to look at it. We’re always looking for better stuff to write about.

  6. okay…..
    I added a backlight to me TI-89T a while ago, took out the metal spacer and removed the film beneath the LCD. I cut a piece of plexiglass up and put it under the LCD. Then I noticed that I removed the polarizer film, too -.-. I dug up an old LCD and tore some pol film off of that, finally got the LCD working properly again, added some EL film for the lighting and voila!

  7. hack? this is no hack. its stupid. another way to drain your batteries. useless…

    admin, please moderate your site mare carefully. think of all your usual “hacker” readers. who would do this and call it a hack?

    to be clear: post like this sucks! give us something we could use. im very disappointed by the author of this post and by site moderators.

  8. I wont do that to my Titanium, indeed I’d like to see some wireless implemented so I can cheat on exams (like wireless comunications exam ^_^ ).

    Another nice hack would be li-ion rechargeable battery, or CF/SD I/O to store programs… just some ideas.

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