Boxee on Apple TV 2.3 firmware

We heard some fear mongering that Apple had released Apple TV firmware 2.3 to break Boxee and XBMC. It certainly was a side effect of the upgrade, but that doesn’t matter now since a new version of ATV USB Creator has been released to work with the new firmware. So, everything is essentially back to normal for the two media center programs.

3 thoughts on “Boxee on Apple TV 2.3 firmware

  1. I’ve notice that tons of people are pressing anyone and everyone for invites. I understand the excitement, but I hope people are thankful for the invites they receive, and pass on the offer of invites to others. I made my request quite a number of weeks ago and have no idea the length of time it takes to receive the invite from Boxee, but it seems like it is worth the wait rather than constantly try to get invites from others.

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