25th Chaos Communication Congress Schedule

The team behind 25C3 has published the first draft of this year’s schedule. The annual Chaos Communication Congress is happening December 27th to 30th in Berlin, Germany. There are plenty of interesting talks already in place. We’re spotting things we want to attend already: The conference starts off with how to solar power your gear, which is followed by open source power line communication. A TOR-based VPN, an open source BIOS, rapid prototyping, holographic techniques, and running your own GSM network are on the bill too.

We’ll have at least three Hack a Day contributors in attendance. Last year featured two of our favorite conference talks: [Drew Endy]’s Biohacking and the MiFare crypto1 RFID crack. We hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “25th Chaos Communication Congress Schedule

  1. rapid prototyping and running your own GSM network look _hot_. I just checked openBTS and current build is able to support 7 concurrent GSM connections using $5-10K. you can make IMSI catcher for ~$1500 with that software. Cool things.

  2. having worked on gsm base stations and networks. i really think the talk on running your own gsm network ought to be absolutely amazing. i really wish i could attend, but alas, no money, no go.

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