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[Ben Heck] posted his PS360 controller. This is the case of an Xbox360 controller with the guts of the Dual Shock 3 from the PS3. They Dpad is from a ps2. We guess that if you can build them any way you want, you might as well make it exactly how you want it. Wasn’t there a time when everyone laughed at the bulky Xbox controllers? Yes, we know, they’re smaller now but that comic pops into mind anyway.

21 thoughts on “PS360 Controller

  1. I …. Don’t understand the concept. WHY would one want to do such a thing? I guess to be able to say ‘I did it’. Other than that, I don’t see a logical reason to do it.

  2. If only I could buy one of these, but with 360 “guts” — I wouldn’t have to buy all my fighting games on the PS3 only, because the 360 would finally have a D-pad that isn’t abhorrent.

  3. Has any one done the opposite and created a PS2 controller for the Xbox 360?? I tend to find that the Xbox pad is just a little too cumbersome to use and I can get a much better reaction on the PS2 pad…

    Any takers??

  4. I understand the concept..
    i have a ps3, but gthe most of my friends have a xbox..we usually play co-op games or street fighter..
    so we need another controller..i really wish i could
    use my ps3 controller at xbox..

  5. I would like one, because I have big hands and then a PS3 controller sucks. So if someone knows where I can get one or someone maybe is willing to make one for a certain amount of money.

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