Controlling A Rover With Your Eyes


Controlling a robot simply by looking at your desired location is pretty freaking awesome. A web camera pointed at your face, analyzes your movements and pupil direction to send the bot signals. Look at a location and the bot goes, change your expression to send other commands to the bot. This easily surpasses the laser guided assistance droid for ease of use.

[via BotJunkie]

11 thoughts on “Controlling A Rover With Your Eyes

  1. I see no webcam…did i miss something? the point is that the man sitting in front of the monitor looks at an edge of the monitor the steer the drone, but i see no kind of camera watching him…? what did i miss

  2. bryan: they were using an off the shelf eye tracker, it’s that bar mounted below the monitor. You can see spots from the IR emitters in this video. They say their *next* version will use a webcam to track the eyes.

  3. I wouldn’t say that this “easily surpasses the laser guided assistance droid for ease of use.” I think both are probably pretty easy to use and both have use cases where they excel.

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