Nintendo Keyless Entry


The Nintendo keyless entry system will vigilantly guard your door from intruders. Enter the right code and you get access, enter the wrong code and it will deny you and take your picture. [action_owl] did a fantastic job on this lock, using mainly recycled parts like an old CDRom and an Arduino. It works both with or without the computer. If you choose not to use the computer, you don’t get pictures of the people who entered the code wrong.

We like this project, but we feel it needs to be pointed out that this lock is pretty useless. Everyone already knows the code to get in is UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo Keyless Entry

  1. If a visitor doesn’t enter the code correctly, why not, say, electrocute him/her in a comical manner so that they can’t make an attempt to re-enter the correct code for 10 seconds? :-)

  2. from a burglar. The lock is so weak that it seems a shame you have put in the work on a system so fundamentally flawed. Would kick off the door then steal the computer and everything else.

  3. It’s called the konami code because it’s in several games. I don’t know which publisher though…

    maybe if there was an online encyclopedia to inform us? [I didn’t read the article either…yet]

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