Wiimote driven motion effects

Check out the video above by [Adrien Mondot] for a extensive demonstration of eMotion being used with a Wiimote. eMotion is a physics based visual tool for the Mac. It’s designed to enhance performances by reacting to real world motion. Its grounding in physics makes the resultant motion appear more natural than if they were arbitrarily generated. The video above combines eMotion with the output of Wiimote Whiteboard, a low-cost interactive white board that uses the Wiimote camera plus IR light pens. While the video takes place in a small area, we can see how this could be scaled to a much larger space with IR lights mounted to performers.

[via CDM]

5 thoughts on “Wiimote driven motion effects

  1. In fact it’s so small because I have a small house :-)
    However you’re right : the resolution of the wiimote is 1024*768, but I think it’s enough for most usages.
    If you need more precise tracking, using a custom cam (as Elphel ones : an IP cam on linux, in open hardware/software), and coding your own tracker on the FPGA is a great solution also.


  2. @dustin: BlueSoleil suck anyway. I’ve heard that XP SP2 now has BT drivers standard, or maybe it’s SP3, I’m not quite sure since I moved over to Linux almost entirely and I don’t use BT on any other machines.

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