3,000 Posts, 50,000 Comments


Christmas has come early for us. This is our 3,000th post since launching Fall of 2004 doing just one post a day. The outstanding stat though is the 50,000 comments in the system. The team at Hack a Day would like to thank you, the readers, for bringing in all of our best tips and being part of this great community.

32 thoughts on “3,000 Posts, 50,000 Comments

  1. This is the 6th post for just today
    365*4 + 1 leap day = 1461 posts

    yes i’m hating, but we all know you don’t stick to A Per Day anymore, it seems esp. apparent in the past month.

    Other than bragging about “doing just one post a day”, congrats on the great site
    I am a daily visitor

  2. maybe when they upgrade there webpage they would get rid of the beta. you could make a clone of this site using a something like articleMs script…
    but as far as content im not complaining i like the focus on hardware vs software. theres been some good reads, after i put a 3m illuminated projector in a eee box i hope to make it on hack a day :)

  3. I was really close to removing HAD from my rss feed back during the transition to multiple posters, but it seams like the quality’s come back, at least to some extent. (I still miss the single black and white post a day style)

    Anyway, congratulations

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